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Contents / An olive oil miracle Clazomenae

The ‘factory’ that has come to light in the ancient city of Clazomenae represents the earliest example of the technology still used in today’s production of olive oil.

Olive tree, olive branch, olive, olive oil… These words evoke celebrated legends and fables that have been the subject of folksongs and even featured in the scriptures…The olive pit is one of the three seeds that when placed in Adam’s mouth took root and grew. When the Flood was over the good tidings were carried in the beak of the dove, the symbol of man making peace with God on the one hand and with nature on the other. It was olive oil that provided the ‘everlasting’ light in the temple that Pharaoh Ramses III built for the Sun god Ra. Athena, the goddess of wisdom, science and art earned the right to become the city’s protector when she presented Athens with the wild olive tree she had grafted. Olive leaves formed the crown placed on the heads of the winners of the ancient Olympic Games. The oil of the olive was the ‘golden liquid’ that saved Ali Baba in the Tales from the Thousand and One Nights. The olive is

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