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Contents / Anatolia's golden heritage

Filigree, ‘woven gold’, ‘pıt pıt’ ‘cebe’... all products of Anatolia’s jewelry heritage, which is transmitted from the collective memory to the craftsmen’s hands.

We live in a land where joy is born of, nurtured by, and expressed in gold. But do we, the heirs to a deeply rooted jewelry culture, know how the story of gold evolved in Anatolia? Or the places that are regarded as Turkey’s leading jewelry centers from the standpoint of past richness and techniques for working gold? Exactly two and a half years ago a team of designers from Atasay Jewelers, Ltd. set out for Anatolia with a group of researchers to examine the authentic Anatolian jewelry whose charming names and enchanting styles are etched in memory even though their models have resisted modernization, owing at least in part to economic constraints. The team encountered masterpieces of jewelry made by a variety of techniques ranging from ‘cebe’ and ‘pıt pıt’ to filigree and ‘woven gold’. At the end of the survey, they decided to introduce Turkey’s five-millennia-old legacy to the world in a modern

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