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Contents / Casablanca in white, Marrakesh in pink
There is a real city behind the name Casablanca that Hollywood has etched into our minds, while Marrakesh is an incarnation of the European fantasy of the Arabian Nights. Come, let's explore them together.
Waiting in the long line for passport control at the airport, I realize I am at one of the most lively crossroads of the dark continent. Casablanca's Mohammed V Airport is reminiscent of the marketplaces in an ancient city. There are black faces from all over Africa, and how amazingly varied they are! But in the city itself this colorful variety is not to be seen. Casablanca must be a transit point for most Africans, and a large number of the tourists who visit Morocco use this bone-white city on the Atlantic coast as a transfer point in moving on to more exotic destinations. We plan to stay here a few days before going on to Marrakesh, that pink city of the desert.

Casablanca is one of those cities where the name promises more than the reality.
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