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Contents /Ayse & Ece Ege
Fashion house 'Dice Kayek', founded in Paris in 1992 by the Ege sisters, 'manager' Ayse and 'creator' Ece, is a world label today.

The founders of Dice Kayek, which creates its own labels in the giant fashion capital of Paris and has become a household name throughout the world, have a contagious energy. After hearing their story and seeing their new collection, I was all fired up to meet spring. It was time to emerge from my cocoon sporting new clothes. Billowing skirts, chiffon blouses, tiny sweaters with short sleeves worn over embroidered dresses, dainty high heels... Pinks, greens, blues, and of course white. Sisters Ayse and Ece Ege literally gave me wings to fly. So, you ask, how was it that they took off from Bursa and landed up in Paris, Japan and Korea?

Ece and Ayşe are from Bursa. From a family that has been the major influence on their own creativity.
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