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Contents /Natural jazz Spring
If the meadow grasses are nature's tresses, the trees' pink blossoms are its ornaments... in spring when the bloom of youth returns to nature's cheek.
Seeing as how my neighbor has brought me a bowl of 'Asure' (aka Noah's pudding), winter must be over. When the raisins from last winter meet the grated orange peel of this winter, it means the cold season has ended. Wheat, chickpeas, beans... Cinnamon, walnuts and pomegranates... Whatever is left from the previous summer, fall and winter, it's all thrown into the pudding and winter is officially declared to be over. Kitchens are stripped clean as a whistle. Raisins, dried figs, dried beans... Thanks is given for all 'dried' things. It's time now for 'fresh' ones... Herbs, leaves, green almonds, 'Papaz' plums, strawberries... A journey commences from green to red, from tart to sweet.
The sun restores their color to its blessings. Yes! The sun is a warehouse with a riot of colors stored up for safekeeping . Come spring, the dried beans that entrusted their color to the sun last summer reclaim their green.
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