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A gift for Children's Day The Toy Museum The Toy Museum to be opened on 23rd April Children's Day by poet and writer Sunay Akin offers a history lesson for the kids and a tunnel through time for adults.

Istanbul finally has a toy museum, and the name of its founder will come as no surprise: poet and writer Sunay Akın. Akın, who discovered the ‘museum game’ by arranging his mother’s jewelry in a drawer at age six, has never lost his enthusiasm for it. Now he has brought together ‘toys of the world’ in an historic mansion in Istanbul’s Goztepe district. Some 4 thousand toys, produced from the late 1800s up to the 1980s, are assembled here in a museum that will teach tiny visitors about the past and imbue them with an awareness of history while taking adults on a journey back in time. The museum opening is scheduled for 23rd April Children’s Day, which was instituted by Atatürk as a gift to the world’s children.Opening on this special day, when children from all over the globe converge on Turkey for the celebration,
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