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Where the past is bathed in blue Lake Bafa The allure of Lake Bafa lies not only in its clear blue waters but in the ancient city of Herakleia on its shores and the misty Besparmak Mountains that rise alongside it.

Lake Bafa will appear suddenly before you in all its tranquil beauty at the end of the plain of Soke on the road from Izmir to Bodrum. Its deep blue color, stretching as far as the eye can see, will refresh you on your travels, and you won't be able to take your eyes off the landscape that follows the curve of the road around its shores. This part of the Aegean, which preserves its traditional character even during the peak touristic season, long ago became a haven for people eager to avoid the madding crowd and live here in seclusion like monks. Known today as Lake Bafa, it was formed in antiquity when the Bay of Latmos, which emptied into the Aegean, filled up with alluvia carried by the Meander River.Although a few outlets to the sea remained open, with time the two sides of the bay were joined, creating Lake Bafa, an inland lake fed by mountain streams and the floodwaters of the Meander.
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