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Sweet repose Amasya Houses that hug the Yesilirmak River with their 'cumba's stand in the heart of Amasya, witness to many of the civilizations that once made Anatolia their home.

" I crossed a small rise and came upon the most beautiful sight I'd ever seen in my life: the ancient city of Amasya." So does Marshal Helmuth von Moltke describe this historic city. Ancient Amasya, famed for its river, its apples, its houses, its natural beauty. City where Ferhat took the river by the hand and, tunneling through the mountain, brought it for Shirin; city founded as 'Amaseia' by the Amazon queen 'Amasis', who gave it her own name; city where Strabo, renowned geographer of antiquity, was born; melting pot of many of the civilizations that left their imprint on Anatolia; 'city of princes' to the Ottomans; and city where Mustafa Kemal launched his national struggle for Turkish independence...

"Amasya is known in the ancient sources as Harsena.
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