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Contents /The deep call of Kemer
The deep call of Kemer The turquoise waters of the Mediterranean have an appeal for divers too. Are you prepared to discover three shipwrecks in a single day?

Anatolia has been home to various civilizations over the centuries, and although the seas that surround this land can perhaps not compare with the tropical seas in terms of the range and vitality of their submarine life, these waters boast a very special wealth; shipwrecks. Some of them have sunk in storms, others as the result of warfare, but all have rested intact at the bottom for centuries and today provide unforgettable moments for the divers who visit them. For a diver, nothing matches the thrill of diving down to a wreck. As you enter an unprecedented world your eyes begin to scan the surroundings. At first you are met by a vague scene, and can't decide whether it is dream or reality. With a mixture of curiosity, excitement and the urge to explore you approach and see the ship begin to take shape. You witness how something made by man can blend with nature and even become a nest, how the adventure of life takes on a new dimension.
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