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Dear Guests,
As an aeronautical engineer, I was discharging the serious responsibility of Executive Vice President for Technical Services when I suddenly found myself having taken on the even greater and more difficult responsibility of being CEO of Turkish Airlines following an Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly on 18 April 2005. In addition to thanking the esteemed members of our Board of Directors who deemed me worthy of this great responsibility, I would like to assure you that we, the directors of Turkish Airlines, are going to continue to provide the highest quality, the best and fastest service, and the most advanced technology.
It is with great pride, joy and excitement that we celebrate today the 72nd anniversary of the founding of Turkish Airlines, which is putting its signature on new records and innovations every day.This year our company ended the January-March period, known in the aviation industry as the off-season, with the highest rate of seat occupancy in its history. Turkish Airlines, which carried a total of 2.5 million passengers in the January-March period of 2004,
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