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Contents /Ilhan Koman and his inimitable sculptures
Ilhan Koman, a sculptor whose works, uniting passion with matter, science with nature, grace several cities of Europe, is being remembered in a May-June retrospective.

" Unshaven shaver of stone, Ilhan Koman / Bearded to fly... / Wielder of bombs and babies / And un-sculpture-like sculptures, / Bizarre refugee / Who would have sailed from the South Pole to the North / In his battered old boat / To reach Edirne / To reach Selimiye..." Thus, poet Can Yücel's thumbnail sketch of his dear friend Ilhan Koman, made one day when they were on the old schooner 'Hulda' on a canal near the summer palace of the king of Sweden. Hulda was home, a refuge from conditions of life in Turkey in the 1960s. And Koman was an indefatigable sculptor caught up in an endless cycle of exhaustion and renewal. Cheer reigned on the boat. It was moored near a small clearing, in front of a cave. In the cave, the sculptures and materials; in the clearing, the current projects, over which Koman slaved until he worked up a sweat.
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