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Contents /Anatolia in the Lead Role
A lace-like web of lakes, islands and enigmatic monuments, the geography of Anatolia is ready and waiting to assume the leading role in films...

At the first kiss of the sun's rays, a rock monument in Seyitgazi township of Eskisehir province whispers the name of the king for which it was erected: 'Midas...' Inscribed on the rock are words from the Phrygian language, which has until now defied decoding. Then an astonishing shadow falls slowly over the face of the monument. Resembling a human profile, it gazes at a mysterious face in the rock formation standing opposite it. But this face is no shadow. Viewed from a different angle, it seems to have been fashioned by human hands with the heads of two dogs (or wolves) discernible, one on each side. Is this not, we wonder, the face of Cybele, mother goddess worshiped by several different Anatolian civilizations? Just then the strains of an accordion become audible nearby, playing a Caucasian melody, and two stories begin to come together.
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