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Contents / Cappadocia's little secret Sinasos
The 'sleeping beauty' of the 'Land of Beautiful Horses', Sinasos quietly awaits visitors who will touch its soul, which hovers among the fairy chimneys.

Adults believe in fairytales too. Especially if they involve the love of their dreams and passions undying despite the years. Recently the Turkish people were enamored of just such a tale called 'Asmali Konak.' A long-running television series, the story began in a small town by the name of Sinasos. Hundreds of thousands of local tourists hot on the trail of the story made the acquaintance of this quiet corner, which had until then escaped the notice of most people, making Sinasos host to a breed of tourist previously unseen in Turkey.

Whether under its new name, Mustafapasa, or its old name, 'Sinasos', still used occasionally today, it is a tranquil and thoroughly quiet town of two thousand located 5 kilometers south of Nevsehir's Ürgüp township.
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