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Contents / A ladder to history Selcuk
The capital of religious tales, Selcuk takes one on a historic journey rooted in associations.

The noise of the crowd mingles with that of the zurna, that wailing Turkish ancestor of the clarinet. In Selšuk, in the middle of a square surrounded by thousands of people, two camels vie for supremacy. The drummer brings his stick down hard on the taut skin. One of the camels trips the other, and is about to bring his opponent down. Suddenly I hear a bell jingle behind me, and turn to see a boy shaking this bell at the camels waiting their turn to wrestle. Then the sounds of the drum and bell mingle, and in my brain there begins a historic journey rooted in associations. And it takes me to those roads where camel caravans passed with their jingling bells, and armies marched by to the sound of drums; then to the shores of the Aegean and to Ephesus, which is named for an Amazon, a woman warrior.

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