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Contents /A nature festival Kemaliye
Kemaliye, a candidate for one of Turkey's leading centers of eco-tourism, is up and ready for the 2nd Nature Sports Festival, starting on 14 May. How about you?

Anatolia possesses a number of regions which are ideal for nature sports owing to their geographical structure and plant cover but whose touristic attractions are insufficiently well-known. And Kemaliye, the southernmost township of Erzincan province, is one of them. The Kemaliye Valley, formed by erosion over billions of years of the limestone rock of the Karasu, one of two branches of the Euphrates, harbors a rich diversity of habitat and climate due to a sharp rise in altitude over a short distance. While the over 1000-meter-high mountain steppes exhibit an Alpine ecology based on a harsh land climate, a Mediterranean climate reigns along the length of the valley. What's more, owing to its location on the Silk Road which joins Anatolia and Central Asia, the township boasts not only a rich history but a long-standing traditional of hospitality.
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