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Contents / The Türvak Cinema and Theater Museums
Two giant stages
Visit the Turvak Museums to make a first-hand acquaintance with the 90-year history of Turkish cinema and the 250-year history of Turkish theater...

" What is love!" the lovely Asya asks herself. Before her stand two men: Ilyas, the man with whom she was smitten by a purple passion and married, father of her son Samet, in other words, the man who abandoned her. And Cemsit, who took Asya and her son under his wing and has looked after them for years. With tears in her eyes, Asya gazes at her erstwhile love, ilyas, whose eyes are dull like lead...
Seyit Ali is contemplating murdering his wife, who has fallen into evil ways. Should he cleanse his honor or shouldn't he? He turns to his friend: "My mind is against me. How can a man's own mind work against him?" The year is 1964. The place, Haydarpasa Railroad Station, first stop for passengers arriving in Istanbul from Anatolia. On the steps of this landmark station in the city 'whose streets are paved with gold', stands a family from Maras with wooden suitcases in their hands and hope in their hearts.
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