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Contents / Galata In just 152 square meters
Once transformed from a walled medieval town into a commercial center, Galata's history is now being rediscovered even as it was teetering on the brink of oblivion.

I t doesn't occur to most of us in the daily grind to take a stroll as travelers through the city in which we live. Somehow we can never find the time to wander aimlessly through its streets with a guidebook in our hand, to take photographs or buy little presents for our friends and souvenirs for ourselves. Or perhaps it does occur to us every now and then but we always put it off for some reason. To be perfectly honest, even I am one of those who people say to themselves year after year, "Spring is the most beautiful season in Istanbul. This spring I'm going to stroll through Istanbul like a stranger and rediscover it." Yet somehow I never managed to set out on one of those 'renewal of love' tours.
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