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Contents / Salads
Found in different forms in almost every cuisine in the world, salads are a number one preference with healthy eaters.
T he French eat theirs after the main dish... to prepare their palates for the cheese to follow. Turks and Italians consume this vitamin powerhouse together with the main dish, especially if it's fish. The English and the Americans tuck into theirs as soon as they sit down at the table... to stimulate their appetites. Yes, we may have different ways of eating them, but it is salads we are talking about. Salads, which are found on dining tables almost all over in the world. Unfortunately however salad has not yet found the place it merits in the world of gastronomy. Derived from 'sal', the Latin for salt, the word connotes 'salted things' or 'the preparation and consumption of raw vegetables with olive oil, vinegar and salt'. Most of our data concerning salads is obtained from documents dating back to the Roman era and from French and English sources. As such, it is information about the history of salad in Europe. But salad has a past as old perhaps as the history of man himself.
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