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A love story that ended in the air

I’ve been flying for years. You know how it is, every now and then a person sits down and takes stock. Well, I’ve probably flown enough miles to go around the world five or six times. And if you counted up the flight hours, I’d have enough to qualify as an astronaut. When a person spends that much time in the sky, he finds ways of entertaining himself. My hobby is ‘watching people’. If there’s anybody among the passengers sitting near me with a ‘tendency to cause trouble’, my sonar detects him immediately and from that moment on I keep an eye on him. I’ve stored up ideas for a number of short stories thanks to this habit of mine.
Once I was flying to the U.S. I ended up sitting next to Duygu Asena in Business Class. Duygu and I are constantly at each other’s throats because she’s one of those feminists that incite all women in Turkey to rebel against their husbands.
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