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Dear Guests,
There are certain moments in the life of every individual that are never forgotten but are etched in the memory forever. Such moments occur in the history of companies and countries as well. A plane’s first takeoff, for instance, or the opening of the first airport, the first test flights, the arrival of Boeings and Airbuses, to cite just a few examples. Turkish Airlines would therefore like to share with you its pleasure in entering a new phase of paramount importance in its history. As you know, Turkish Airlines has undertaken an active and successful role in the tourism industry, principally in the civil aviation sector.As an integral part of the airline, Turkish Technic specializes in the maintenance and overhaul of aircraft of every type and has proved its technical competence and capability to the entire world.To demonstrate its technical capacity and competitive strength in the international arena, Turkish Technic is taking part this year in the ‘Paris Air Show’ to be held June 13-19th.
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