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Contents /A musical memento Melih Kibar
Composer Melih Kibar, who died on 7 April, will live on in his film music and songs...
It’s 1975, Turkey’s first year to enter the Eurovision Song Contest. A 24-year-old student of chemical engineering at Bogazici University is glued to his TV screen, like everybody else in Turkey, awaiting the results of the Turkish eliminations with bated breath. The program starts, to the accompaniment of the signature tune. Forty-five seconds later the young man rises from the chair in which he’s been sitting, approaches the television and breaks into tears. “Was it really me who composed that music?” he is thinking, overjoyed and amazed.
A few months later the signature tune becomes so popular that it is decided to bring it out as a 45. As the young composer searches desperately for a title, his mother consults a poet friend. The poetess suggests ‘Morning Star’, adding: “You’re going to be a very important man of music, and this song is going to guide you on your way in the same way that. the morning star has guided navigators for centuries.“Romantic nonsense”, thinks the young man to himself,
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