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Contents /A walk through the ‘Land of Light’
Turkey’s longest hiking trail at 509 km, the Lycian Way takes visitors on a journey in time and space through the history and natural beauty of the ‘Land of Light’. The hiking trails in the Kackars, in Cappadocia and around Istanbul are Turkey’s leading centers for the newly developing branch of ‘nature tourism’. Most of us however are not even aware of the existence of the Lycian Way, one of the world’s longest such trails. The Lycian Way, which ranks with Annapurna (Nepal), Torres del Paine (Chile) and the Inca Trail (Peru) among the world’s favorite trekking routes, was selected 15th last year as one of ‘The Best 50 Hiking Trails’ by the English magazine, Country Walking. The Lycian Way project, which won the prize for the environment category in a competition sponsored five years ago by Garanti Bank, is the fruit of an original and arduous study by Englishwoman Kate Clow. The route, which is marked out from beginning to end with signposts and the international sign system (Grand Randonne), is Turkey’s longest hiking trail at 509 km. Steeped in natural beauty and the history of ancient Lycia as its name indicates,
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