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Contents / Eastern Black Sea houses
Shaped by the culture of the local people, Eastern Black Sea houses peek out from the greenery like a delightful surprise...

Describing the lush greens of the Eastern Black Sea region to those who havenít seen them isnít easy... Itís as if nature has used a different shade of paint in every valley, on every ridge. As your eyes are drawn in by the colorful palette of the steep slopes, you suddenly notice in the distance the houses that follow you with their eyes from between the trees. Houses of stone and timber, the homes of the irrepressible and energetic Black Sea people, shaped by their culture, raised and built by their hands...

Eastern Black Sea villages nestle against the slopes of the valleys that run down to the sea from the mountain ranges parallel to the coast. Finding a patch of level ground in these villages is extremely difficult, and people are forced to climb up or downhill for all their activities.
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