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Contents / Being a child in Anatolia
From clothes to toys... Being a child in Anatolia Dolls in Anatolia are still decked out in talismanic clothes, as they have been for millennia. And children still chase after toy wooden carts...

Everything is charming in miniature... Because itís cute, just like childrenís clothes and toys, which have been a focus of love and concern and a source of joy and happiness in every society since time immemorial. Before a baby is born, friends and family members all enthusiastically knit, weave and sew elaborately embroidered clothing so as to wrap the naked body of the tiny infant in mini-garments made with painstaking care in line with traditional beliefs. Such clothes are naturally shaped by the family environment as well as by the customs, traditions, beliefs and geography of their society. These millennia-old traditions still persist today in Anatolia, cradle of civilizations.

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