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Contents /Anatolia in miniatures
The city miniatures produced by the Ottomans in the 16th and 17th centuries take you on a journey through Anatolia, from İznik and Kütahya to Konya and Erzincan.

Cities occupy an important place in the wide range of subjects treated in Ottoman miniature paintings. We encounter some of these city depictions on the illustrated color maps, known as ‘portolano’, the best examples of which were produced by Pirî Reis. Besides the two world maps drawn by Pirî Reis, there is also an atlas entitled the ‘Kitâb-ı Bahriye’ or Book of the Sea. The first copy of this atlas, which was produced twice in the 16th century, contains 223 color drawings of cities, the second 215. Although Istanbul was not included in the original copy of the atlas, of which there are more than forty copies showing all the port cities on the Mediterranean, it was added in the 17th century. Even though the illustrations in the Kitâb-ı Bahriye and similar atlases are more like simple sketches and therefore not regarded as miniatures, the artists who drew the maps were nonetheless called by the same name, ‘nakkaş’, as the Ottoman miniature painters.
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