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Contents / ‘Monks’ of the Mediterranean Seals
Facing extinction today with a world population of only 500, the Mediterranean monk seal numbers close to 100 in Turkey...
“ ...The evening star sank into the crimson bosom of the West. Suddenly the rocks on the islands were pitch black. It was a very strange evening, not like other evenings... The sea was wild with phosphorescence. Even the prow of the boat was aglow. The oars traced wide circles in the sparkling water. Every drop that fell from them a drop not of water but of light. Grandpa Selim had never seen such phosphorescence in his life. Hey! It was a night the likes of which no money could buy. He reached the cave on the eastern side of the island. Since the night was cool, he anchored his boat, lay down on the sand at the mouth of the cave and fell asleep only to be awakened some time later by a giant splash. He saw several seals enter the cave in the frozen light. When they reached the sand, the seals shed their fur coats. And what do you think Grandpa Selim saw under those furs? Why, weren’t they human just like us? They stretched out on the sand to sleep,
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