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Contents / A taste to make you melt Ice Cream
Whether it originated in the Far East or the Middle East remains a mystery, but one thing is sure: ice cream is an all-time favorite with people from seven to seventy.

I t used to be one of the main harbingers of summer. When the ice cream vendor passed our door and we children were fluttering around him like moths around a flame, we knew that summer had finally come. “Don’t bite it, eat it slowly or you’ll get sick”, our mothers would yell from the windows. “And don’t forget to drink some water when you’re finished.” Nowadays everyone from kids to old-timers consumes it summer and winter: ice cream.

The history of ice cream, to which almost all of us have been addicted since childhood and which is now a year-round treat, is shrouded in the distant past...We say ‘shrouded’ because there are so many versions of the story. According to historians,
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