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Contents / Guest of the Month Filiz Akin
Coming back to life

I wrote my book ‘Hello, Life’ from the notes I took when I was diagnosed with cancer last year in Houston and treated for six months in Istanbul. When reports appeared in the papers saying, “She’s very ill, maybe she won’t come back from the States”, I was very sad; I wanted to prove that cancer is a treatable illness and give hope to the hundreds of thousands of people who are afflicted with it every year. I wrote my book so that healthy people whose only complaint is boredom would appreciate their health and understand the importance of love and compassion for their suffering friends and relatives; and to guide the thoughts of those who are ill so that they might benefit from my own experiences at every stage.
Have you ever thought about the magic of outer space? How is it that a multitude of bodies large and small, in a space our minds describe for now as infinite,continues to move around each other in the system of which they are a part without continuously colliding or straying off course and getting lost in infinity?
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