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Contents / The friendly face of the North ' Oslo '

The Norwegian capital, Oslo, will warm your heart with its long white nights, natural emerald greenery, gable-roofed houses, savory cuisine and friendly people.

Founded by the Vikings in 1050, Oslo is a leading capital as much of Europe as of Scandinavia. Besides being a bustling port city, it is also an exciting and vibrant metropolis that struts its dynamism twenty-four hours a day. As unusual as it is beautiful, this northern capital will impress you first with its architecture. You will find yourself in a picture pretty environment you almost can't believe is real: gable-roofed houses, emerald green nature and, of course, the fjords that surround the blue waters of the North Sea.


This lovely city, which wears winter like a pure white wedding gown, suddenly puts on every conceivable shade of green come summer. After yielding to the North's winter darkness, in summer it revels in the long white nights.
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