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Contents /A master of the spoken word "Orhan Boran"
That legend of radio days and creator of stand-up banter, Orhan Boran has celebrated the 59th anniversary of his artistic career.

Standing in the center of the stage, a man. All alone, and once again holding a white handkerchief. What today's pundits would term an 'image,' this white handkerchief actually only serves to hide the man's stage fright. This nervousness has never died down despite all the years-like the white handkerchief, it is always with him. When he removes his glasses and tucks them in his pocket, the orchestra falls silent. And he starts to talk. Everyone is all ears to catch what he is saying. With Orhan Boran's first lines, the deep silence in the hall gives way to guffaws. He is telling funny stories about an imaginary family. Perhaps the people in the audience see themselves in these stories. At any rate, when the stories are done Boran puts on his glasses again, and the orchestra strikes up with the closing bars. The show is over, and the applause with it.
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