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Contents /Reaching the other side "Bridges"

Wherever there are rivers, streams and creeks, they are there. Bridges are a way of getting from one side to the other, of being in another place.

I wanted to photograph the bridge from a completely new angle. I paced back and forth, sweat streaming from my brow. The sun blazed overhead like an oven with its door open. I scrambled up into the hills and looked down on it-on it and the water flowing under it. When I came back down, I noticed the cave on the opposite shore. A shot from inside that cave just might create the effect I was looking for. Hoisting my photography equipment high in the air, I waded into the waters of the Cendere. I was soaked to the skin when I got to the other side. When I stepped into the cave, I was astonished to find dozens of goats sleeping inside, blissfully enjoying the shade. When I knelt down at the mouth of the cave and began shooting, they got up slowly and came over to me, pressing their backs against my wet clothes to cool off. And that is why their silhouettes appear in my photograph of the Cendere Bridge!
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