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Contents / The 'breath' of the East "Kudsi Erguner"
Master of the 'ney' and musical archaeologist Kudsi Erguner is a musician who combines jazz with Ottoman and 'sufi' music.

The concert that we watched, listened to, and read about in the enchanting atmosphere of the 1500-year-old Hagia Eirene was actually a summing up by Kudsi Erguner of his entire musical career. Taking his inspiration from the quatrains of Mevlānā Jelaladdin Rumī, he fills the stage with music, calligraphy and dance all at once. Erguner expresses mystical philosophy through his 'ney' (reed flute), bringing disparate musical cultures together in a burst of sound. Istanbul music lovers have become accustomed to seeing a new project from him every year. Heavily involved in music since the age of nine, Erguner, who has spent 32 years in Paris, goes for the natural, seeking 'pleasure' and excitement in music. As far as he can count, he has 92 albums to his name. Regarded as one of the world's leading representatives of sufi music, Erguner does not limit his own musical universe exclusively to Mevlevī chants and rituals.
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