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Contents / it's island time... Girne
With its inviting beaches, centuries-old castles, ever lively harbor, and historical and natural riches, Girne is the favorite vacation spot in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Nowhere else can you find the allure that marks cities located between the mountains and the sea. Think of cities like Rio, Hong Kong, and Cape Town, clinging to narrow strips of land at the foot of rugged mountains. From the moment I first laid eyes on it, Girne left me with a similar impression. With a highest point at 900 meters and nestled up against the 'gothic' peaks of the 160-kilometer-long BeSparmaklar (Five-Finger) range, Girne looked like a sleepy town that absolutely did not want to be disturbed. In a 20-minute drive from LefkoSa we had reached the city by traversing barren land and crossing a pass in the BeSparmaklars. The clouds rising from the sea to surmount these mountains and spill like gauze down the other side truly made a sight worth seeing.
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