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Contents / A story of wind and sand "Patara"
Regularly ranked among the world's most beautiful beaches, Patara exemplifies the millennia-old interplay of the wind, the Mediterranean and the Esen River.
No sooner did she feel the cool waters of the Esen River on her parched lips than Wind realized she had also shed all the day's weariness. Ignoring the imperious voice of her owner and groom Mete, she went on gulping the water from the snow-covered slopes of the Akdaglar Mountains. Some time later she must have realized her waywardness, for she sidled softly up to her owner with her head lowered, as if to ask for forgiveness. And just as Mete, accustomed as he was to this innocent role-play so uncharacteristic of a haflinger, was about to get angry, he noticed that the canoes had arrived at the mouth of the stream, and Wind was spared a mild reproach by the skin of her teeth. Today's tour group was speedy. The day that started in the morning by canoe on the Esen River would continue in the afternoon with Wind and her friends, now in the pine forests, now on the sand dunes that recall the desert.
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