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Contents /The golden city Sardis
Sardis, where the first coin in the world was struck, takes visitors on a journey back in time through the ruins of numerous ancient civilizations.

When I reached the center of this city renowned for its trade, the first thing that struck my eye was a gargantuan structure about 100 meters long. In order to reach it, I first had to pass a row of shops, some rectangular, others square in shape. The first one is the most colorful of the workplaces here, the shop of the paint dealer Yakub, universally loved and respected by the townspeople. Cans of paint in every color of the rainbow from green and blue to red and pink line the shelves along the wall. Yakub advises customers who are going to paint their houses: "This shade will make your house too dark," he says, "take one a couple of shades lighter." Next to the paint shop is a scribe's office. There's a bustling crowd here, where documents and correspondence of every variety are being written up. A man who wants to sell his house is having a sales contract drawn up;
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