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Contents / Guest of the Month " Akgun Akova"
Trust Only in Your Wings

Our teacher, Mrs Saziye, was teaching the alphabet. The pupils' eyes were open wide in astonishment. Showing us the 'M', she asked: "What does the 'M' look like, children?" Filiz raised her hand. "Like a comb, teacher." "Like a rake," answered Nihat. "Like a bird," I say. "The 'M' is a bird that has spread its wings and is flying. It's also looking down." Whichever letter the teacher asks, I'm brimming over with things that fly. "The small 'I' looks like a telephone pole, teacher. And the falcon that was perched on top of it just flew away." "The 'O' is the eye of an owl, but he's got it closed because it's daytime!" "Wild geese flying in a formation like the letter 'V', teacher!"
Years later I ran into my old teacher, Saziye. Time had flown like a bird. "Akgun, my boy," she asked right away, "did you become a pilot?" Seeing the look of surprise on my face, she hurried on, "You were always talking about birds, wings, flying... so I always said to myself, 'That boy is going to be a pilot.'" "No," I replied after kissing her hand.
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