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Contents / City of enchantment Bangkok
With its gaily colored buildings, floating markets and warm people, Bangkok is a place where you will feel like "Alice in Wonderland"...
If the places where we live are real, then this city is straight out of a fairy tale... At least that’s what I thought when I first saw Bangkok. Indeed, so exotic and enchanting is the city that I felt like ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Despite yourself, you will immediately shed all your stress and fatigue here and leave behind all known rules, all noisome thoughts. With its temples, its warm people, its characteristic Asian bustle and excellent seafood, this is a place you’d be making a big mistake not to visit.

In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, you can neither travel, live your life, nor do business in the usual way. For nothing here corresponds to our usual notions of countryside, city or metropolis.A three-wheeled mode of transportation called the ‘tuktuk’ is used here.Although taxis are equally common in Bangkok,I definitely recommend that you take a tuktuk. If you tell the driver,
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