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Contents /A toiler of the stage... Erol GŁnaydin
With fifty years devoted to his art, Erol Gunaydin is a masterful actor who has won the hearts of the public thanks to the hundreds of parts he has played.

Diminutive in size, his reputation was great... At the age of at most 13, his mustache had not yet begun to sprout... When the bell rang for recess at Galatasaray Lycee, where he was a boarder, his schoolmates would crowd around him. And Erol Gunaydin, the life of every recess, would start his miniature show with the inevitable "Bang bang." How witty and true-to-life he was, recounting a cowboy's adventures. And then came the calls for an encore: "Come on, bang Erol, one more time." When he gave his impressions of the great comic actor Ismail Dumbullu, the tiny spectators would giggle themselves into tummy aches.
Signing on shortly afterwords as an amateur with the Pocket Theater, Bang Erol was faced by one formidable obstacle: the high walls of the school. It was forbidden for boarders to leave the grounds after dark,
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