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Contents /From Marmaris to Fethiye The 'Blue Cruise '
You won't know whether it's real or you're dreaming when you take a Blue Cruise in the waters between Marmara and Fethiye where green mingles with blue.

"Blue you can understand. The sea too. But the Blue Sea is a conundrum." Poet Melih Cevdet Anday's lines come rolling off my tongue as the yachts set sail from Marmaris to Fethiye and the deep blue sea draws my soul straight in. Add to that the pine trees' luminous green that spreads over the water as if to cool off, and my entire being is tossed hither and yon until it lands at Ekincik. Passing Dalyan, it turns first to Disibilmez and then to the headlands at SKurtoglu where it plunges into Fethiye Bay, cutting a wide circle from left to right. Then it's Bedri Rahmi cove followed by Gocek and from there to the Dodecanese and then Kayakoy, where it finally lands like a bird.

Known in antiquity as Physkos, this ancient port city of Caria dates back to 900 B.C. Following the Hellenistic,
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