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Contents / The Istanbul Observatory
The observatory founded in 16th century Istanbul by Takiyeddin (Taq al-Dn), the greatest Ottoman astronomer, can vie with its counterparts around the world...

The celestial bodies have been a focus of human interest since time immemorial. Especially the comets... Some have regarded them as harbingers of disaster; others have dreamed dreams about them and penned books and plays. Still others, such as astronomers, have dedicated their lives to studying them. Takiyeddin, who set up an observatory in Istanbul in 1575, was one of the most important Ottoman astronomers. And our subject here is the intimate and fascinating relationship between the observatory founded in Denmark by Tycho Brahe and the observatory founded on the slopes of Tophane by Takiyeddin and a comet that glided through the Istanbul sky.

Astronomy was an advanced branch of science in the Islamic world, in which major observatories were founded.
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