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Contents /A port to anchor in Phaselis
Once among the Mediterranean's major port cities, Phaselis has a beauty that held even Alexander the Great in thrall...

Have you ever seen a city that was founded in return for dried fish? If your answer is "No" and you ask whether such a city exists on earth, it is time for you to visit the ancient city of Phaselis, 45 km from Antalya and 12 km from Kemer. Yes, legend has it that the land upon which Phaselis was built by Rhodian colonists in the early 7th century B.C. was purchased by the founder Lacios from a goatherd named Cylabros for a small mess of fried fish. Before we start roaming through the ruins of Phaselis, how about a brief look at the city's history.

Ancient sources tell us that from the time of its founding Phaselis was ruled by a number of states, with its first masters being the Persians in the middle of the 6th century B.C. Indeed, such was the case for all of Lycia.
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