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Contents / Proud and romantic... The Seahorse
With its marvelous gaze, elegant tail, long slender bearing, and overall stance, the seahorse-of which there are some 35 species worldwide-is one of the most fascinating creatures alive.

There are certain things in a person's life that make one say, "Experience it once, remember it a thousand times, and with each recalling let it bring back that feeling of happiness." For me it was like that the first time I took a picture of a seahorse. So proud was its posture and gaze that I found a name for it before I even left the water: Princess.

For some the seahorse is a decorative item, for others a good luck charm, and for still others an imaginary creature. Much has been written about them, and many stories told. In mythology, for example, dead seahorses washed up ashore are the offspring of the mighty steeds that draw Poseidon's chariot in the blue depths.
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