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Contents / Oh to be a pair of wings...

Istanbul in those days was like the black and white films they sometimes show on TV now. In other words, not much concrete and a lot of trees and flowers.

We were at one of the three or four outdoor movie theaters in the 'summer resort' area where we lived, waiting impatiently for the lights to go out and the movie to begin. The movie theater was surrounded on all sides by linden trees. A purple-hued June evening had descended over Istanbul. The lights went out. First a short cartoon. Then the by now quite familiar lion's head. The lion inside the wreath roars a couple of times and the evening's feature commences. Officers in full-dress uniform are making brief phone calls. Then men in leather jackets wearing strange caps, again of leather, dashing about with backpacks. An airport. Planes. The men board them and, extending their left arms, give the thumbs up sign to some people we can't see. The enormous propellers begin to rotate.
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