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Dear Guests,

I would like to share with you an important international meeting that was held in July. The International Hydrogen Energy Conference and Fair, held in Istanbul 13-15 July, was an event of special interest to the aviation sector. Fuel costs occupy a prominent place among the total expenditures of any airline company. The annual budget allocation for fuel of Turkish Airlines, which burns 810 thousand tons of jet fuel a year, is 350 million U.S. dollars. As Turkey's biggest consumer of jet fuel, we are therefore keeping a close eye on world research on alternative energy sources and its scientific results. Hydrogen fuel is a global project on which countries like the U.S.A., Japan and Germany are spending millions of dollars. From the standpoint of the aviation sector, enormous investments are needed for the development of aircraft, engines and fuel systems suitable for the transition to hydrogen. Given that the process of adapting an airplane for the transition to hydrogen fuel is estimated to take 10 years,
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