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Contents / City with the wind in its hair Chicago
City of jazz, blues and rock, Chicago boasts a stunning skyline of giant skyscrapers.

Chicago's O'Hare Airport, said to be the world's busiest, is awaiting a major modernization project these days. A virtual bee-hive of duty-free shops with several planes landing and taking off every minute, bringing passengers from all over the world to whom it will play host for only a few hours before they fly on to other destinations. A great place, in other words, for a first meeting with a city high in touristic appeal like Chicago. A place where it's not your fault if you're late for your date. But still, as the plane bringing me from 'the old country' is descending to land, it's neither Al Capone, the Blues Brothers, the mind-boggling sight of the skyscrapers nor the endless list of chic restaurants that's on my mind, but rather, echoing in my head, Graham Nash's song from some thirty years ago inviting people to "come to Chicago, to change the world"... THE WINDS OF TIME
You've passed through the tight security controls without mishap and successfully negotiated your initial encounter with the city.
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