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Contents /Opening on the world Doors
Close the door and you leave the world outside and create your own world behind it. Doors, now a barricade against the world, now an opening onto it.

When they open in, they are 'doors'. The ones that open out should more properly be called 'lids'. The doors of taxis, ovens and refrigerators are more like 'lids'. They open and then close. The doors of houses in contrast are closed and then open. Doors that open are nice. They are the mouth of the house. The house vents its troubles through its door. Or conceals them behind it. Closed doors are like sealed lips. Sometimes they open in fits of laughter, sometimes in fits of sobbing.

At the mention of doors, the great wooden gates of courtyards come to mind. Big heavy gates, with a stable for the animals behind them.
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