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Contents / In Hatay where everyone is at home
Over the centuries, Hatay (Antioch) has opened its arms to numerous civilizations, from the Sumerians and the Babylonians to the Byzantines and the Ottomans.

If only I had a little garden, I would plant hydrangeas, pink and blue, along the bottom of the wall. For hydrangeas prefer the shade. Next I would buy clay flowerpots to grow fuchsia, geraniums and poinsettias, a wide array of cactuses and even a rubber tree. And next to the well, or marble pool with a fountain, I would plant those dainty Japanese umbrella trees that love moisture. Sometimes the idea of creating a tiny garden, a mini-paradise, inside the house can become an obsession, even if you're completely unaware that it's been one of man's dreams from perhaps as far back as antiquity.

The courtyards of old Hatay (Antioch) houses, which uphold traditions harking back to the houses of ancient Greece and Rome,
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