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Contents / Mudurnu
Mudurnu is a charming town where corn is still popped on the stove at night, grandmothers tell their grandchildren stories, and time all but stands still...

Some Anatolian towns have a characteristic smell. Some, like Karaburun, are surrounded by forest, redolent of pine and resin; others are steeped in the fragrance of daffodils in spring. Some are balmy with the scent of the sea and seaweed. Others smack of laurel soap. The scent of still others comes distilled in the retort of history, permeating even the staircases of their old wood-frame houses. Mudurnu for this reason smells decidedly Ottoman. Don't be surprised when you come eye to eye with the Clock Tower as you look out from the summit of Seyh-ül Ümran! Time seems to have stood still a number of times in Mudurnu's past. The white-painted houses down below, the hazelnuts spread along the roadside to dry, women wending their way to the market clutching chickens to their breasts, young girls busily embroidering in front of houses, old men bracing their backs as they bend over to pick up a fallen cap.
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