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Contents /Tulips in the sky
Its planes and personnel uniforms given a spanking new look by designer Cemil Ipekçi, Turkish Airlines is set to become a virtual tulip bed in the skies...

Establishing a broad air transport network since its inception in 1933, Turkey Airlines ranks today among the world's top airlines thanks to the sterling quality of its service, which is soaring higher by the day. In another first in its history, the airline recently entrusted both the exterior and the interior design of its planes to a professional designer. Not only personnel uniforms but even the aircraft themselves have been completely refurbished from top to bottom with careful attention to every detail from the colors used to the motifs employed. The tulip, a classic symbol of Turkish culture, and turquoise, that quintessential Anatolian color, predominate in both the aircraft decor and the uniforms. Designer Cemil Ipekçi, the creator of all these designs, has taken his success on the catwalk onto the tarmac and into the skies, winning high accolades as he did so.
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