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Contents /Looking at the 'other'
Turkish Images in 17th Century Europe', the current exhibition at Sabanci University's Sakip Sabanci Museum, reflects European-Ottoman cultural and political relations on paper and canvas.

Ihave to confess right off the bat that a visit to the Sabanci University Sakip Sabanci Museum holds a pleasure all its own. First there is the taste of the tea sipped 'Under the Plane Tree' at Çinaralti just across the road from the Bosphorus either before or after you tour the museum. Each exhibition itself is also a work of perfection. And then there's the museum garden. The natural setting of the 'Atli Kösk', the former residence of the Sabanci family, fairly draws you in. The Judas trees like pink clouds on the Bosphorus, the century-old pines, the date palms, the lace flowers, the delicate fragrance of jasmine, the exuberant hydrangeas, the elegant water lilies... I never miss an opportunity to sit for a while on the viewing terrace and gaze at the Istanbul blue.
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